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The key principles of the Grow™ program are the key components of growing: knowledge, understanding, conscience, and action. We started with the basic premise that change can only start with knowledge. Knowledge leads to understanding; understanding to conscience; and conscience to action. This is growing; this is Grow™.

As technologies, research, and products develop, so will the Grow™ program. Envisioned as anything but static, our intent is to continually learn, educate (ourselves, our customers, and our clients), and implement foods and services that nourish both people and the planet. Please explore the site to learn more about the Grow™ program.

A Billion Acts of Green

While Earth Day was on April 22nd, caring for the earth is a year-round project. Earth Day Network’s A Billion Acts of Green® website is designed to prove the idea that real change occurs best when millions of people commit to it with their actions. We invite you to visit it at act.earthday.org.

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